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  Airlines frequent flyer program term and conditions can be confusing and there might be many questions running in your mind. The main question that confuses every traveler is “Do Delta Miles Expire?” Well, the answer is “NO”. This is a great perk provided by Delta Airlines to every passenger, especially to those who collect a number of different types of points and miles from Top Delta credit cards like Delta SkyMiles Gold American Express Card, Delta SkyMiles Platinum American Express Card, Delta SkyMiles Gold Business American Express card. It means even when you don’t have any sudden travel plans with   Delta Airlines Official Site , you can rest knowing that your miles won’t expire if you don’t use them right away. ENJOY FREE FLIGHTS WITH DELTA MILES Delta Airlines does not have credit card chart which means you will have to look up for the particular flight to see how many miles it will cost. Delta Airlines also offers a great chance to you to enjoy Delta flash sales and if you