Visit to Little Rock

Little Rock sits in the state's heart, separated from its sister city of North Little Rock by the Arkansas River. The city, built-in 1820 shortly after the Arkansas Territory was created, has been the capital ever since. Little Rock has been drawing visitors for more than a century with a wealth of cultural and natural attractions. The town is full of fun things to do, family-friendly. The William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum here and all manner of adventures are offered during the year at the Pinnacle Mountain State Park nearby. To book your tickets to Little Rock, contact Southwest airlines reservations.

Why visit Little Rock?

The city has everything you need to do, shop, and see, and more. Little Rock should make it the top of your list of cities to visit, full of culture, unique architecture, sports, art galleries, displays of music, dream restaurants, upscale bars, luxury hotels, and more.

The Presidential Library and Park of Clinton should be on your visit list. From the Clinton family to the Oval Office's reproduction, the 20,000-square-foot library and museum room holds everything. History buffs and presidential obsessed people are interested in distinguishing images, special donations from world heads of government, and a vast collection documenting Bill Clinton's daily life in the office.

In the River Market District, enjoy top restaurants and tempting, healthy treats at the Farmer's Market, attracting travelers to downtown Little Rock since 1974. Rich blueberries, strawberries, watermelon, peaches, and tomatoes are just some of the healthy snack options for your next meal at this vibrant farmer's market. On my visit, several musicians played live music at the market, adding further to the diversity of this Arkansas staple.

Little Rock has some of Arkansas' finest BBQs, and Sims Bar-B-Que should be your first visit. The original Sim is from 1937, and although it is in moving cities, it still serves the same sweet, tangy sauce that has been drawing people and famous local people for decades. Peruse the walls for pictures of the famous foodies that went there; do not leave without the ribs.


What are the top sites in Little Rock?

·         Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site

·         William J Clinton Presidential Library and Museum

·         Old State House Museum

·         Pinnacle Mountain State Park

·         State Capitol

·         River Market District


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